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#Chelmsford: For George Kay & Myself .. The only way is Turtle Bay

28 Sep #Chelmsford: For George Kay & Myself .. The only way is Turtle Bay

By Matthew Martino

It feels like just the a week ago that we read in the newspapers about the newest eatery to grace Chelmsford town centre which is none other than Caribbean which is not only a restaurant but also a bar. I decided to pop in with George Kay.
From the approach to the restaurant you can feel the different ambience and exterior Caribbean welcome that the venue offers with music that gets you ready to go through exciting rum menu. Lest we forget Chelmsford comes with a central island beach shack bar along with a large raised dining and veranda area, plus a vibrant, tiled, open ‘street kitchen’.

For starts I opted in for the Block Pork Salad (£5.10) a dish a thoroughly enjoyed which was delivered after a brief wait however the attention to detail made a very big difference to this dish.

Main Meal
There was only one dish at the back of my mind. I went with the delightful pot of Curry Goat (£9.60) which was served with rice and some greens, visually very appealing and an exciting dish for me. The main meal was promptly served and very hot.
Given that I was too full for desert the right option was to end the night at the bar with a few cocktails and taking in the welcoming reggae music the Chelmsford eatery had to offer.

An economically priced eatery that has a dish for everyone which oozes with an environment of relaxation, enjoyment and dining. A great place for dinner on any evening and a very impressive rum selection.

Essex TV RATING: 4/5