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Geeky pick-up lines for Valentine’s Day

04 Feb Geeky pick-up lines for Valentine’s Day

Flirting isn’t easy! For the hopeless romantics trying to score a first date or for those trying to spice up another dining room date with the Han Solo to their Princess Leia (or vice versa!), Lost Universe, the home of all things geek,  has got the answer!

This Valentine’s Day, the pop-culture retailer has teamed up with comedians and self-proclaimed geeks, Anna Maria Aver and Jon Pearson, to come up with some hilarious pick-up lines guaranteed to melt the heart of any self-respecting nerd or pop-culture fanatic. Lockdown may have changed Valentine’s Day plans this year, but hopefully these original lines will help keep the romance alive!

Lost Universe reveals its top geekiest pick-up lines for Valentine’s Day:

  • May I be the force that is with you?

  • My name is not Mario but I can make you feel super.

  • I promise to love you 3000.

  • Nerdy but sturdy.

  • I would like to R2DateU

  • Someone set their phaser to Stunning this morning

  • Let’s make like The Hulk and smash!

  • Don’t make me go Hans Solo tonight…

  • You could lead me anywhere, even to the dark side

  • What’s one to do to get Leia’d around here?

  • Baby, Yoda one for me.

  • I wanna kiss you till my lips are Thor.

  • Do you go to Hogwarts? You’ve cast a spell on me.

  • You’re a Wonder, Woman!

  • Your PlayStation or mine?