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Firms Offer Free Self Esteem Classes To Essex Schools

12 Jun Firms Offer Free Self Esteem Classes To Essex Schools

by Dan Bryans

Feminine hygiene brand Bodyform and The Self Esteem Team have joined forces to target teenage girls in areas of the UK that the government has identified as deprived. In a 2015 report, St Osyth, Seawick and Clacton-on-Sea were included in the list of 20 towns and cities.

As part of the Hygiene Matters campaign, Bodyform has already committed to donate 200,000 packs of feminine hygiene products to HRH Prince of Wales’s charity In Kind Direct, which helps to ensure that everyone has access to life’s essentials. Bodyform will be distributed via the charity’s national network, including to schools.

Bodyform is now urging other feminine hygiene brands to follow its lead and launch initiatives to smash period taboos and fight period poverty.

As well as this schools in Essex are beinf offered the opportunity to have free self-esteem classes by a partnership through these two organisations.

The Self Esteem Team (SET), aka ‘The Charlie’s Angels of mental health’, has worked with over 70,000 teens in 300 schools to date. Bodyform will be funding the classes, which will be free to schools. Bodyform has also funded the production of four short films, which will be used as a teaching resource in classes.

 Schools which would like to host the classes can register their interest by emailing