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Fans go CRAZY for Beno LDN’s new game

17 May Fans go CRAZY for Beno LDN’s new game

Social media superstar Beno LDN has got fans going crazy after releasing his addictive new game. Fans confessed this was as addictive as another online game, find more on slotscalendar here.

The star also known as Benny James took time out of campaigning and raising awareness for mental health to work on the new app game which is now on available from AppStores worldwide.

Beno told us “It’s actually crazy I got my own game

“This game is just the start to what I’ve got planned for Beno Ldn, I’ve been doing some filming for a tv show secretly that no One knows about not even my friends and family but I’m not revealing anything yet!!

“I’m currently learning how to DJ as well as I’m trying to start a career in doing that, I’ve built up a following and a name for myself so hopefully it can be a successful career move for me”

Twitter user Joshua Bartley tweeted “Fair play @Beno_ldn this game is more addictive than temple run and flappy bird combined!! 😰😝 sick game 👊🏼”

While another user quipped “”Oh my god benny” thanks for this sick game! Don’t forget to leave a review on the best game ever! Too addicting 👀 @Beno_ldn”

His 120,000 strong Twitter army have taken a positive liking to the game, another user added “@Beno_ldn this game is so addictive! Meant to be studying for my exam later but this has got me hooked 😅”

You can get the game right here