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Essex star Nick Carsberg wows on BBC’s Let It Shine

08 Jan Essex star Nick Carsberg wows on BBC’s Let It Shine

Aspiring star Nick Carsberg has won hearts and the judges attention in Gary Barlow’s new music show Let It Shine as he let his talent do the talking during his debut on Saturday night.

In scenes on the show last night Essex’s Nick Carsberg takes things a step further by focussing all of his attention on Dannii – making her blush and hopefully winning himself a spot in the band.

We can now answer the question who is Nick Carsbeg?!

Nick Carsberg is 17 years old from Great Dumow. Essex, He is now working as apprentice at EAB Classic Cars in Thaxted. He has two passions, Cars and performing.

He has performed with Scene II Theatre School since he was about 8 years old.

Jacky Rom from Scene II Academy told us “Nick is loving Let it Shine and excited to find out what is ahead.”

Let It Shine – which will search for five boys to play a band in his new musical – airs its episodes on Saturday nights on BBC1 – and it’s promising bags of singing talent.