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Essex residents vote for the most heart-warming moments of 2020

05 Jan Essex residents vote for the most heart-warming moments of 2020

As we head towards the end of a turbulent year, new research has revealed the challenges of 2020 have made residents in the East of England kinder and more caring, with over a quarter admitting they have been brought to tears by a random act of kindness.

Inspired by the fundraising efforts of individuals up and down the country, a sense of national comradery and seeing neighbours rally round together, almost half of those living in the region have felt encouraged to help and support others in some way over the last twelve months.

Over 80 percent of residents have been touched by a heart-warming story in the news since the start of the pandemic, with Captain Sir Thomas Moore raising money for the NHS on his 100th birthday voted ‘the most touching moment of 2020’, according to those living in the East of England.

The weekly clap for NHS professionals, seeing key workers reunited with their loved ones, and observing an abundance of rainbow paintings in home windows, were also among the acts of kindness that touched the region. West Brom Albion footballers phoning elderly fans during the first lockdown, Princess Beatrice wearing the Queen’s gown for her socially distanced wedding, and the national teddy bear hunt in windows across the region, were also chosen in the top 20 list.

Despite 2020 being a tough year for many, more than half of Brits believe there have been many positive outcomes from the challenges, according to the research conducted by ZOONO, the scientifically proven longer-lasting hand and surface sanitiser brand.

Valuing our lives more (42 percent), appreciating the little things (41 percent), as well as being more caring and considerate to others (37 percent) are among the list of silver linings voted for by the British public.

Following the global pandemic, almost a quarter of Brits now feel more resilient (23 percent) and are less likely to worry about small problems in their lives (23 percent). Many Brits feel stronger having made it through the challenges they have faced this year (22 percent).

Being reunited with loved ones after lockdown (22 percent), receiving a phone call from someone they hadn’t spoken to in a long time (15 percent) and watching people support small local businesses (15 percent), were among the acts that have personally touched most Brits over the last year.