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Essex Police officer Stephen Hollands publishes first book

31 Jan Essex Police officer Stephen Hollands publishes first book

A full time PCSO with the Essex Police working out of Southend has decided to add writer to his CV as his penned his first fantasy novel.

Hollands told us “I love my job as it allows me to interact with real people and help and assist those in trouble. The job is very demanding, but also highly rewarding.”

The 56year old married father of three who calls Hadleigh home has been writing for some 20years spoke about how his experience turned this hobby into the writing a full on book, with a decade spent writing a column for a local Canvey paper he told us “I’ve entered a few writing competitions in the past and had some successes so when I decided i wanted to write a full blown book I already had some experience

A Faerie’s Tale, tells the story of Willow, a young woman of the Faerie realm who is trapped in the modern human world. She is unable to return home and when a teen brother and sister find her hiding in their woodshed they decide to help her get back to her own world and regain her family lands and property that have been stolen by her uncle Flint.

The book contains quite a bit of pagan belief mixed with history and established folklore.
A Faerie’s Tale is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.