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#Essex Police joins national recruitment campaign

12 Oct #Essex Police joins national recruitment campaign

Esex Police’s recruitment team is one of 19 police forces taking part in Police Now in attempt to attract graduates who may never have considered a career in policing.

Some of our serving police officers will be visiting universities across the UK with representatives from Police Now to talk to students about the two-year training programme the scheme offers.

Our recruitment team will also be promoting the programme at careers fairs at Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Essex throughout the year.

Becky Humphreys, Talent and People Development Manager at Essex Police, said: “The Police Now programme aims to place top graduates in the county’s most challenging areas where they can have the greatest positive impact working in local community teams.  It isn’t a fast-track scheme but a first step towards a policing career for graduates.

“Working in a community as part of a neighbourhood team, graduates will help increase public confidence by working with our partners to reduce crime, and anti-social behaviour. Once recruits have completed the two year training programme, they can continue in their neighbourhood, move on to another officer role or move beyond policing.”

Detective Inspector David Spencer, chief executive and co-founder of Police Now, said: “We know that graduates are looking for real problem-solving experience, development opportunities and genuine responsibility early in their careers. The role of a neighbourhood police officer gives them all this while also giving them the opportunity to make a long-lasting positive impact in their local communities.

“Neighbourhood policing is a unique start to a graduate career. Whether our officers go on to long-term careers in the police or other professions, they will remain strong ambassadors for their force and the wider police service and will have more than repaid the investment that has been made in them.”