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Essex mum wins £124,000 BMW after spending just £6.90 on competition ticket

01 Jul Essex mum wins £124,000 BMW after spending just £6.90 on competition ticket

A new mum will be able to take her young baby on board a brand new BMW M8 worth £124,000, after paying just £6.90 to enter the dream car competition, BOTB.

Student Danielle Clarke, 24, had to get rid of her Audi A1 after giving birth to her son Chance 10 month ago, and has been in desperate need of a new car ever since.

“I had to get rid of my previous car when Chance came along because I couldn’t afford it at the time,” said Danielle, who lives in Romford.

“But I’ve found I need a car and when I saw the advert for BOTB I decided to play this week for the first time ever. It doesn’t feel real that I have won. Not many new mums are going to be able to drive around in style like this. It’s beyond my wildest dreams to be honest.”

Danielle, a former recruitment worker, is currently studying accountancy at the University of Stratford after deciding to change careers. She says the extra £20,000 will come in handy as a new mum, but also says she is planning a dream holiday.

“I don’t know where we’ll go yet, but a much needed holiday after the last year is definitely on the cards,” said Danielle.

An unaware Danielle was surprised over a video call by BOTB presenter Christian Williams this week.

“I am absolutely delighted to be able to deliver such a great surprise to Danielle,” said Christian.

“Having to give up her car can’t have been easy, and now she will be able to drive herself and young Chance around in style.”

Since being founded in 1999 by William Hindmarch, BOTB has given away over £32m worth of prizes.