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Essex MP supports Jo Cox tribute single

08 Dec Essex MP supports Jo Cox tribute single

Jackie Doyle-Price MP joined the Royal Opera House Thurrock Communitychorus to record a cover of the Rolling Stones Classic ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ in honour of Jo Cox MP’s legacy and work. The single will be officially released on 16th December but is already available on iTunes and Spotify.

Jackie was one of a group of MPs from across the parliamentary spectrum who took part in the recording of a unique protest single initiated by parliamentary rock band MP4 as a tribute to the late MP JO COX.

Sales from the song, a cover of the Rolling Stones Classic ‘YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT’ will raise funds for the launch of the Jo Cox Foundation established after her death.

Jackie said, “Members of the chorus were thrilled to be part of this special tribute to Jo Cox. They couldn’t have worked harder to make this a success. Jo’s assassination was fueled by hate but has been more than matched by the outpouring of love and respect for a lady who fought for what she believed in. I am very proud to have been part of this very special initiative. It is the job of politicians to take positions which won’t always be popular with everyone. In a democracy we settle those arguments at the ballot box, not with abuse or intimidation or violence. We fight for what is right, we fight for what we believe in and we should fight our corner with respect.

Renowned producer Robin Millar, who has worked with countless artists including Sade, Big Country and Everything But The Girl produced the single. ROBIN MILLAR SAID “This is essentially a protest record as we believe a piece of music can still make a statement. We wanted to create something to show that Jo Cox’s hugely selfless and energetic campaigning must live on through greater unity. 16 MPs from across the political spectrum took part alongside our artists to reflect Jo’s belief that more unites us than divides us. I hope by making this record we can both honour Jo and help work continue through the Foundation.”

STEVE HARLEY SAID “I am not really a political animal. But Jo Cox was a cut above and her legacy should be celebrated. Mrs Cox was a truly special person, and the more I learn about her life and work, the more deeply I admire her.”

DAVID GRAY SAID “In an era of public disenchantment that has seen politics discredited by corruption scandals and characterized by political campaigns driven by hateful and divisive language, Jo Cox was that rare thing – someone you could believe in. A dedicated politician working at the heart of her community who believed in a politics of compassion and in building a fairer world.”

KT TUNSTALL said “In such a divisive political climate here and abroad, it was an absolute honour to take part in a project that brought so many different people together, Jo Cox’s family, the local community, numerous MP’s from all over the country and from ALL parties, as well as music artists I very much admire. I was grateful to be able to talk with those who knew Jo, and I can only wish I had known her. She sounded like an extraordinary person. Many people told me she would have loved what we did making this song; coming together to honour the causes she felt so strongly about, and having so much fun doing it. It is a tragic loss that she is gone, but the best way to remember her is to take action,speak up, and be kind.”