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This is the MOST Essex film you will ever watch: ESSEX SPACEBIN

15 Jan This is the MOST Essex film you will ever watch: ESSEX SPACEBIN

Essex Spacebin is promising to be the most Essex film you have ever seen and its already proving to be a hit flick amongst Amazon viewers, It’s been picked up by the famous Troma Entertainment in New York for UK release and has a special screening in London on 18th Feb with cult legend Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger, Tromeo & Juliet).

Shot on 35mm and hailed as the most original British film of the modern age, new comedy Essex Spacebin is like nothing put to film before. The cult narrative of the movie pushes comedy into uncharted territory as we follow
the adventures of the lovable Lorraine Willy, a middle-aged woman who has suffered a life of mental illness.

Lorraine believes she has been infused by God with a divine purpose that only she (and an Intergalactic Rasta named Hogan) can fathom. She begins her journey looking for a “star key” – which she believes can help her access a parallel world known as the 7th Realm where she hopes to meet the maker. Seeking to conquer time and space with help from her friends & family, a Nissan Skyline and a PDF of Amen-Ra’s original Essex Pyramid construction specs, will Lorraine herald the existence of a portal to another world?

Essex Spacebin is a singular and very British comedy written and directed by David Hollinshead & Philip Thompson. Starring Lorraine Malby, Caryl Griffith and Joerg Stadler.

Troma presents ESSEX SPACEBIN special double bill with TROMEO & JULIET and Lloyd Kaufman Q&A on Saturday
18th February, 2017. You can purchase tickets to attend the Q&A here –