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Essex County Council initiatives To Benefit Charities And Communities

16 Feb Essex County Council initiatives To Benefit Charities And Communities

Cllr David Finch has said that local people were in the best position to know what could make the biggest difference in their area, and both schemes would support the principle.

The first of the two schemes, the Supporting Communities Fund, will make £1 million available to support getting new, locally-focussed services which support local communities off the ground, and also to support ‘local action’ with smaller amounts of money available to local groups, organisations or individuals.

Through the schemes, funding for a handyman scheme for older people might be available, local schemes to promote recycling might be supported, or community initiatives which help tackle social isolation might be backed.

The Essex Lottery would provide a funding stream for local Essex-based charities, which would be selected by an independent panel.

People buying lottery tickets online would be able to select which charitable cause they wanted to support through buying a ticket, with a prize draw being made on a weekly basis. Cash prizes from £100 up to potential five-figure sums would be available through the draw.

Both schemes are due to be launched in the Autumn.

Cllr Finch told the Council: “Local communities are best placed to understand the small but significant pieces of work, which will make a real difference to their lives and local areas.

“And this fund, for the first time gives them the money to help get their schemes off the ground.”