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Essex Chambers of Commerce To Offer Members Customs Advice

24 Aug Essex Chambers of Commerce To Offer Members Customs Advice

by Dan Bryans

Essex Chambers of Commerce earlier this week announced that Five Lanes Consultancy Limited have agreed to work with the Chamber in providing our new ‘Chamber Customs Advice Service’.

Kris Wilson, Manager of International Trade at Essex Chambers of Commerce, said, “We are extremely pleased to have Five Lanes Consultancy Limited on board to advise and assist our customers with their Customs issues.”

She added “We are fully aware of the struggle Companies face in getting even the simplest answer from HMRC at times, so having someone on hand will be a big bonus for our exporters. This is especially true for Members who will receive nominal advice for free, plus 15% off any additional consultancy fees.”

With the uncertainty surrounding BREXIT and the varied scenarios surrounding trading in the EU, Five Lanes Consultancy can also help Companies understand the possible ramifications and assist in preparations.