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Essex Businesswoman Champions healthcare and insurance sectors

28 Apr Essex Businesswoman Champions healthcare and insurance sectors

Medigest, launched on 31 March, is a customer focused business directory providing information about private healthcare insurances and practices in the UK.

Founded by Lianne Harrington, who grew up in Tiptree, Essex, Medigest helps people navigate private healthcare and insurance sectors, gaining access to industry experts free of charge.

Lianne, who has extensive experience within the insurance sector and an exceptionally strong business acumen, founded Medigest after recognising the lack of impartial and independent advice services available for consumers looking to take out private health care insurance.

With an extensive business directory inclusive of health care practitioners, specialists and insurance providers, consumers can register free of charge, engage in discussions and join chat forums with professionals so that they can receive the best, tailored advice, for their needs. Medigest does not sell insurance packages, nor can you buy a service or product off of the site, it is purely a site aiming to help consumers. This guarantees to make consumers feel valued and considered on a personal level, rather than being sold to.

Lianne Harrington, CEO of Medigest Global Ltd, commented: “I am extremely passionate in ensuring consumers know of all options available to them outside of the NHS. With the ability to search for a specialist within local areas, the Medigest site allows consumers to find the solutions to their individual requirements, without the fuss of unreasonable waiting times and the lack of confidence in the NHS.”