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Essex-based small business PR expert named as one of UK’s top ten advisers

19 Mar Essex-based small business PR expert named as one of UK’s top ten advisers

Essex-based PR expert and strategist Amanda Ruiz (pictured centre) has been named as one of the UK’s top ten advisers for the outstanding work she does to help early stage entrepreneurs master publicity.

Amanda, known by her clients as The Ultimate Door Opener, who offers PR workshops and courses specifically designed for the founders of small firms, was named small business PR adviser of the year after the shortlist was put out to the public vote.

“I had votes from Jeremy Vine and the editor of Psychologies magazine. I’ve got to walk my talk and live by my own words, loud and proud.” said Amanda. “I try to help firms get over being shy and British. You’ve got to give it a try and have the attitude that if you get shot down in flames, it means you’re doing something right. I think of PR as a business life skill more than anything else. If you can’t promote your own business, who can?”

The awards were part of the Top 50 Advisers Competition hosted by small business support group Enterprise Nation at the city headquarters of the Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales (ICAEW).

The awards, which are sponsored by global information services group Experian, were part of a national push by the group to ensure small firms have greater access to good advice from trusted professionals.

Emma Jones, MBE, founder of Enterprise Nation, who handed out the awards said: “It’s our mission to ensure that we can help deliver the right advice to the right business at the right time in order to help them to grow. These awards celebrate the great work these passionate individuals like Amanda deliver to the small business community every day.

“We think it’s high time their tireless contribution to the British economy was recognised – and bring it to the attention of the wider world.”

Ian Graham, head of partnership development at Experian, said: “The Top 50 Adviser Awards demonstrate clearly that behind every good business, there’s a really good adviser.

“These awards have uncovered some excellent people with all the right skills, passion and experience to contribute significantly to UK business growth and sustainability. We applaud them.”

The competition also named 50 advisers in the ten core disciplines from across the UK that specifically offer quality advice to smaller firms in order to help them expand. Enterprise Nation has developed an adviser platform with the ICAEW that can help improve the speed and efficiency of selecting and connecting with a good adviser.

The competition saw hundreds of adviser nominations and more than 5,000 votes were cast during in the voting phase.