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Ed Sheeran announces new music in tweet

01 Jan Ed Sheeran announces new music in tweet

Could Ed Sheeran be the saviour that 2017 needed after all ?! One thing for sure he has given his fans something to look forward and the best New Years present ever all wrapped up in a 9 second video.

Tweeting “Hello 2017…”, to his millions of followers Sheeran shares a video in which he is  holding an A4 sheet of paper with the handwritten words: “New music coming Friday!!”, the A-team star then jokingly puts the paper in his mouth and the short video ends.

The announcement comes days after The Sun reported how the Suffolk native had earned £14million in 2016 despite not touring.

Sheeran reputedly pocketed £8,845,000 after closing his company Nathan Cable Limited.

The company had assets of £13.2 million when it was closed, but this was reduced with big bills for corporation tax of £1.6 million, management fees of £1.5 million and other costs.
The remainder was paid to Sheeran who is the company’s sole shareholder and director.