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Eastern Enterprise Hub launches new programme to find #entrepreneurs

02 Dec Eastern Enterprise Hub launches new programme to find #entrepreneurs

In a first of it’s kind in the county, Eastern Enterprise Hub is looking to find a set of budding entrepreneurs for a pilot health and social care programme this winter.

Funded by Essex County Council, the “Inspiring Entrepreneur Programme for the Care Sector” course shines light on a new initiative to provide a wider range of high quality services in Essex, giving people more control and a personalised choice over their care.
Starting in January in Colchester, the free three-month course, will offer potential care sector entrepreneurs business development skills and techniques as they set up a new business.
The course will help budding business owners develop their market offer through better understanding their potential clients’ journeys as they go through the care system.
Digby Chacksfield, CEO, Eastern Enterprise Hub, speaking at the launch of the programme said: “This is a new course for the Enterprise Hub. The new reality for the care sector is an increase of demand outpacing current business ability to provide care, which means that there is an opportunity for returning and new carers to set up and sustain business and micro enterprises.
“Working with people in need of care to utilise personal budgets with new care businesses can provide a responsive and personalised care. We want to help people gain business knowledge, become more self-confident and be a part of a community of like-minded business leaders and entrepreneurs, impacting on the care sector”
Cllr Kevin Bentley, Essex County Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economic Growth and Infrastructure said: “By 2030 there will be nearly 140,000 Essex residents needing care. Through the Inspiring Entrepreneur Programme we are supporting the development and growth of new local businesses in the sector which will help us to meet the growing needs of Essex residents in the future.”
The 12 day programme is targeted to various groups and individuals in the care sector including:
  • Registered nurses that have left the profession.
  • Individuals with care experience whom not been active in the sector.
  • Individuals looking to start their own business.
  • University care graduates.
To sign up to the course, visit: