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East Anglia residents ideal holiday… Everything’s free!

01 Jul East Anglia residents ideal holiday… Everything’s free!

East Anglia residents are not fussy where they go on holiday, as long as it’s easy on the purse strings and has plenty of freebies thrown in.

East Anglia tourists rate value for money as their number one requirement on a breakaway, research from the mobile banking service Monese has found. When on holiday, East Anglia residents not only expect free Wi-Fi (58%) but also want dinners out (10%) and excursions (27%) thrown in for no additional cost.

Hard working East Anglia residents expect a lot more to be included in the cost of their holidays these days, and are unhappy when those things aren’t included. Nearly nine out of ten holiday makers hate paying for Wi-Fi (87%), over half object to paying for alcohol (65%), and nearly three fifths dislike paying for public transport while on holiday (47%).

Although it’s just not the lack of freebies upsetting East Anglia residents whilst they are on their travels, hidden bank charges are also unpopular with the nation’s holiday makers.

Just under half (54%) want fee-free cash withdrawals and 45% of East Anglia residents want to be free from credit and debit card charges when they’re on holiday. Additionally, under a third of even hate tipping and additional service charges (38%).

With East Anglia residents wanting more than just a free lunch, it’s no wonder that 36% have needed extra cash on top of their expected budget. On average, East Anglia holiday makers have needed an additional £432 to last until the end of their holidays.

It’s not surprising the nation’s holiday makers are running out of money, as East Anglia residents have expensive taste, spending over £500 on a single item on their holidays. 42% of respondents said they splashed out on luxuries such as jewellery, designer clothes and accessories, while 11% are buying electronics such as TVs and tablets.