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DOROTHY PRIEST writes: What theory will Donald Trump serve us next on his Twitter 

05 Mar DOROTHY PRIEST writes: What theory will Donald Trump serve us next on his Twitter 

By Dorothy Priest

I must admit having a leader of the free world who uses his personal Twitter more times than I change my clothing is very much exciting for me as I thought it would give me as an American living in London an insight into the day to day of POTUS but in the case of Donald Trump it’s been a mixture of rants, feeding the trolls and ofcourse introducing theories that to some seem downright crazy.

Reports on Saturday suggested that President Trump’s relationship with Barack Obama descended to a new low on Saturday after the US president made explosive accusations that his predecessor orchestrated an illegal Watergate-style bugging operation at Trump Tower in New York.

Tweeting to his over 40million followers President Trump wrote “How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!”

Now I for one am a firm believer in everyone having their own opinions and everyone being allowed to express their issued or problem. Now my problem with this whole issue is that why have we got a president who runs a vast nation who is on Twitter ?! His personal Twitter should have been assigned to an aide or advisor who would conduct it accordingly.

Now the shame that we behold is that President Trump is making a fool out of himself on social media and all these rants he goes on just help discredit all the good work he is going.

My plea is that I hope the president or someone on his team will see sense but if not I look forward to four years of midnight tweets and ofcourse the war of words we will face on social media, President Trump will most certainly go down in history as the first president to get more press from his tweets than from press conferences.