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Dog handler risks his own safety to save a man’s life

21 Sep Dog handler risks his own safety to save a man’s life

A brave officer put himself in danger to help a man who almost died following a head injury.

On September 18, Pc Luke Pitchford, a dog handler based at our Dog Section in Sandon, was called to Basildon Hospital after a request for urgent assistance from another unit.

When Luke arrived at the scene he was met with a man who had a serious head injury. Due to his injury and substances he was under, the man was becoming increasingly aggressive and refusing treatment from doctors and would try to fight anyone who came near him.

After several attempts to negotiate with the man, who had lost around two litres of blood, the decision was made to detain him under the Mental Capacity Act for treatment.

Whilst Luke was trying to engage with the man – who was covered in his own blood – the man spat a mouthful of blood at Luke’s face and eyes. Despite the risk of further attack and contaminated blood, Luke continued to engage with the man who was becoming more aggressive to the officers and trying to attack Luke.

Luke kept a close eye on the man whilst other officers tried to engage with him and as soon as the man turned his back on Luke, he was able to grab hold of him and pull him down to the ground to protect his colleagues from further attack and blood contamination.

The man was taken straight into the hospital for emergency care and Luke was admitted to hospital for a blood test in relation to the man’s blood in his eyes and prescribed a course of post exposure medication.

“Despite the behaviour shown towards myself, I knew the man’s life was in danger if he didn’t receive immediate care. By taking the quick action I did, the man was able to receive emergency care and I was able to prevent other officers being attacked.”
Pc Luke Pitchford