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Dee Kelly on CBB: When we thought this episode couldnt get any worse

20 Jan Dee Kelly on CBB: When we thought this episode couldnt get any worse

Wooooooooooo what an episode we had last night (in more ways than one) – my debut as a tweeter and couldnt get the bloody tv to turn on haha yep not a technical bone in my body, thank goodness the 10yr old was on hand to save the day.

So when I finally got it sorted my screen was full of super heroes – not a word id use for them, but hey lets just go with the flow. The lovely James Cosmo – refusing to wear lycra for the task (well I know how you feel on that one James) theres only so much we should inflict on the public haha.

The annoying duo, Jedward are finally where they belong in the land of make believe so this is right up their – errrrrr – street. i can honestly say a little bit of me is slowly wasting away everytime I see thosetwo on my TV screen.

Poor Calum got paired with the totally insane Kim – how the heck did she even get back in that house after her shenanigans the other night. People keep asking me how I would of coped if kim was in the house with me and my reply is from the back of a police van in handcuffs probably.

Then when we thought this episode couldnt get any worse – they introduced us to flying housemates with what seemed to be more shite flying round than we have ever seen before – and thats literally then the trump card – the TRUTH SERUM, not quite sure, but I think Jamie (yeah there is someone in the house called Jamie) kind of confessed his undying love for Bianca – well it worked mate, you got ya place in that bed at the end of the night.

The episode seemed to fly by (pardon the pun) and ended with the token tits out for the lads by the hard to understand Chloe, who isnt coming across as desperate to bed our calum at all – after the probably NOT final knockback from the lovely Mr Best decided to go for the safer option of lapdancing for errrr yep FOOKING JEDWARD.

So until next time peeps – see ya 
Love Dee x x x