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David Weekender & Ellie Weekender write: IT’S A DOUBLE WHAMMY IN CBB

28 Jan David Weekender & Ellie Weekender write: IT’S A DOUBLE WHAMMY IN CBB

By David Weekender & Ellie Weekender

Wow! On last nights Celebrity Big Brother we saw a double eviction and to get the boot was Jessica and the so called undefeatable Speidi.

Shockingly double trouble Jedward kept their place in the Big Brother house! Alongside the beautiful Bianca and the not so popular Kim!

However, I actually really like Kim and I really want her to win! (David). (Ellie) I really am not keen on Kim and the way she speaks to certain housemates, it’s a no from me!

Columnist: Ellie Weekender

Northern girl Jessica was given the goodbye by the British public last night. (David) I really liked Jessica as she was very positive, she wasn’t fake, I just wish she had opened her mouth a bit more! Been a northern lass myself I could totally relate to Jessica! She seemed such a down to earth girl but just needed to get a bit more involved and I reckon we just didn’t see enough of her! (Ellie).

Once internally nominated, Speidi lasted no more than seven days in the house … SHOCK! After watching their VT and seeing how they both boasted about how they were going to have a game plan and leave a mark. The only so called mark I recall is the memory foam imprint they left in the bed they slumped in 24/7. THEY WERE BORING! (David)

Columnist: David Weekender

Speidi went into the house to play a game however it’s now game over! I don’t think they considered been in the house with big characters like Jedward and Kim so they kind of just blended into the back ground! They needed to up their game, they could talk the talk but certainly couldn’t walk the walk. (Ellie)

On to the rest of the house how jealous can Calum get over his so called friend Jamie. He had a lot to say in regards to Jamie and Bianca’s “showmance” we both think that Calum is just jealous because he’s not got with anyone yet Jamie has! Sorry Calum doesn’t look like your the “BEST” anymore love.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our column about the Celebrity Big Brother double eviction and keep your eyes peeled for other columns on our Official Twitter pages.



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