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Council serves default notice on bin contractor

14 May Council serves default notice on bin contractor

Harlow Council has this evening issued a contract default notice on waste contractor Veolia following more missed bin collections this week.

Despite the council issuing a rectification notice on Veolia on Monday morning (10 May 2021) there continues to be delays to some of this week’s bin collections. The council recognises that some improvements have been made since Monday to catch up with collections and that Veolia have put additional resources into the contract this week at their own expense.

On Monday the council said it will not stand by and let poor performance continue and that it will be taking more proactive steps to manage contractor performance. The issuing of a default notice is part of the non-compliance process which the council has activated this week. The default notice gives Veolia until 4pm Friday, 14 May to restore normal service. Failure to meet the notice will result in further steps being taken which could eventually lead to financial penalties being imposed on Veolia.

Residents rightly expect their bins to be collected on time. The council is sorry to residents for the delays they are currently experiencing. The council is taking all the steps it can and remains in close contact with Veolia to get normal service restored as soon as possible.

The bin crews are working hard in what is a very demanding job and the council wants to continue to make it clear that the action it is taking is not to do with their efforts or work. The council’s action is to do with how the overall contract is being resourced by Veolia.

At this time residents are advised to continue to leave their bins out and to check the council’s website – – for the latest information.