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Colchester cyclist wins big from embracing sustainable travel alternatives

04 Mar Colchester cyclist wins big from embracing sustainable travel alternatives

Colchester based cyclist, John Riley, has praised a new campaign to promote sustainable travel choices after making significant cost savings and improving his wellbeing during the pandemic.

Developed by Essex County Council, the Stop.Swap.GO! 60 Day Challenge aims to encourage residents to swap daily vehicle travel for sustainable alternatives, such as walking and cycling.

The challenge rewards those who take part with a chance to win weekly prizes such as Amazon and Love2Shop e-vouchers or £1,000 to spend on cycling or walking accessories and equipment.

John, aged 57, was one of the first participants to embrace the 60 Day Challenge, swapping his daily 11-mile drive to work for cycling as well as more regular dog walks with his wife.

John said, “I’ve always been interested in exploring sustainable travel and it was fantastic to see that Essex County Council was encouraging people to walk and cycle more.

“I drive an electric car and have worked out I would be saving around £150 in travel costs a year and thinking back to when I had a petrol vehicle, I’d be saving £600 – £700, which is a no-brainer.

“There are also many health and wellbeing aspects of getting out and about, seeing a new type of flower, a quick smile and wave from another cyclist, you just don’t get this level of interaction when you are in a car.”

Alongside the savings and health and wellbeing benefits, John was lucky enough to be drawn as a VIP prize winner and won a £1,000 voucher to spend on a new bike.

John added, “I would encourage anybody to take part in the challenge for your own physicality, health and mental wellbeing. That was my motivation to get out there and the savings and the prizes are just the icing on the cake.”

Anyone aged 13 and over can join the 60 Day Challenge before the 10 March and be in with a chance to win up to £50.00 Amazon or Love2Shop e-vouchers in weekly prize draws.

Cllr Ray Gooding, Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Passenger Transport, said: “It has been really inspiring to hear the stories of John and other participants of the Stop. Swap.GO! 60 Day Challenge who have managed to embrace more sustainable travel and are experiencing the benefits that come with it.

“As we enter the final month of the challenge, I’d like to encourage all Essex residents to take part, share your stories and be in for a chance of winning some fantastic prizes.”

You can sign up for the challenge at and find inspiration and tips on the Stop.Swap.GO! Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.