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With changes The NUS can be great again

05 Apr With changes The NUS can be great again

An average turnout at campus elections is usually under the 30% mark this teamed up with the fact that National Union of Students’ leaders and delegates are out of touch with the politics of most students it’s time for changes so that this influential body can be great again.

With the race for the next NUS president well underway this is the time for a more moderate and democratic president to come and save the ailing body.

The incumbent NUS president Malia Bouattia, aged 30, Shakira Martin, aged 29 and Tom Harwood, aged 20 are the candidates competing for the top job.

Students and representatives alike have accused the Union of arranging grand campaigns on international issues, and alienating moderate students with its niche political causes and statements. With their 2015 ‘Liar Liar’ costing the Union a reported £40,000 it’s without a doubt that students are losing interest in this former glorious organisations.

NUS Presidential candidate Tom Harwood is hoping to return the Union to its former greatness.

Harwood said “The student movement is on its knees. Our representatives have allowed us to become viewed as illegitimate, extreme, sectarian, and closed minded”

This echoing his previous words in an interview with The Tab were he told them “I pledge to democratise and open up the movement so all students can feel included; to re-legitimise our student movement, so those in positions of power take us seriously again; and to fight loudly and credibly for real improvements to campus safety, and the cost of living.”