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Celebrity TV Presenter/TV Ghost Hunter Ray Jorden’s CBB round up

08 Jan Celebrity TV Presenter/TV Ghost Hunter Ray Jorden’s CBB round up

By Ray Jorden

Well this week has certainly seen Spencer & Heidi rise to the occasion with the mind games and sh!* stirring and lets not forget Watergate in true Big Brother style.

Well with the arrival of the new annoying housemates Jedward, is it me or did anyone else notice Bianca and Colleen talk Jedward arriving and hear Calum Best saying “I bet it’s Jedward” before their dramatic entrance or lack of it, so do they know more than the viewers?

I don’t know if it’s just me but there just seems a lack of spice and magic in the house, no umph but maybe that will come in the coming weeks (hopefully)
OK OK… let’s move on from watergate

So Ray J thinks Heidi is spiritual! Really!! There is more spirit in a bottle of Vodka than in Heidi, please Ray J open your eyes! As for Angie she in my opinion is the wisest housemate in the house, she see through people for who and what they are, and I at the moment is my winner.

Austin and Ray J discussing gun laws in Indiana made a great discussion but to be honest, when Austin said when he comes to the UK he sleeps better knowing that if someone should break in to his house or room that he won’t get a gun pulled on him!! DOH, Austin we have guns and weapons over here sunshine, so maybe take a sleeping pill in future!!

I really think this whole Calum, Jamie and Jasmin three way thing is a total crock and personally can see through it, so unless his light bulb is switched on, so will Spencer, Jamie for me is the most boring housemate and really needs a rocket of excitement up his arse to really see his fun side. Jamie wants more loaded entertainment in the house POT KETTLE BLACK!!

Interesting to observe Angie watching and soaking up all the chat in the bedroom, but needs to get her facts straight when stepping in on conversations going on!! #Naughty

Oh come on Nicola, you’re the one who said that you make good TV, so use your brain, stop being the green eyed monster and get involved with your housemates, no one to blame but yourself love!!

I admire and like James C very much but I think he is his own worst enemy, I wish he would get more involved, so to pretend your leaving the house was not only an epic fail as no one apart from Stacy believed you, but a performance not fit for an Oscar win!!!

The house is definitely starting to divide!!

James C’s face was a total picture when Jedward were singing and dancing and the level of interest was a picture! The witches of eastwick, Stacey, Colleen and Angie were spweing their thoughts on Jedward, and think we have more to come from this collective!!

Really loving the friendship between Austin and Bianca, is it for the cameras or for real?

Well one half of Jedward has a pole up his back due to being a dick and jumping off stage before he went into the house, maybe stick the pole up his arse would make him more entertaining. General observation of Colleen, she likes to stick her loose woman nose in to chats and private conversations, her game plan face is well and truly on and really wants to win this season, sorry love no hope there.


Speidi and Jedward, how will the house cope with this level of twosomeness, the jury is still out but I see an alliance building….watch out housemates it’s going to get bumpy, more pranks, more sh!* stirring, more crap.

The bromance between Calum and Jamie is not convincing me at all, bring back Austin and James!!

Now I really like Jasmin, she takes no crap and tells it like it is, but I predict a few fall outs and cross words between her and Stacey, and the reason she sits by you sweetheart as she is keeping her enemies close, as Stacey is a huge game player with a big agenda!!

Tomorrow is another day stay tuned!!

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