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A candid sit-down with actor Scott Kyle 

15 Feb A candid sit-down with actor Scott Kyle 

By Matthew Martino

Scott Kyle is a Scottish actor best known for his roles of Ross in Outlander and Clancy in The Angels’ Share, Kyle has received the Stage Awards Best Actor Award in 2010 and also runs a community theatre in Bathgate, I pulled him in for a chat !

Q. Tell our readers who is Scott Kyle ? ;
Ha ha! Eh a wee guy from Glasgow who is working on a dream.
Winner of The Stage Best Actor Award for my role as BILLY in “Singing I’m no a Billy He’s a Tim”
Clancy in Ken Loach’s movie Angels Share.
Stu Pearson in British war flick Kajaki – The true story.
Ross from Outlander

Q. How was the experience being part of Outlander ?
It was everything I hoped it would be and some. My experience of working on tv and film has always been high pressure and working with limited time and resources. Working on Outlander was the opposite, everyone is able to perform their jobs to the highest standard because they have the time and budget to do so.

Q. In your opinion how is the industry changing especially with the growth of low budget productions ?
The industry is getting tougher in terms of acting in film as there aren’t as many big hits that smaller actors will get on. But on the flip side there are more low budget films than ever before. This gives people the chance to gain experience and get a good show reel together.

The big marathon TV shows have helped smaller actors get enough work to survive the year, but it’s still fiercely competitive.

Q. What’s the master plan for 2017 ??
My day job is running a community theatre so that keeps me busy between acting projects, but I’m hoping to get a few new acting projects this year to continue growing my acting career. Fingers crossed