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Britpop Movie SHE’S ELECTRIC Set To Go Supersonic

19 Jun Britpop Movie SHE’S ELECTRIC Set To Go Supersonic

by Matthew Martino

British writer Nick Amies and film production company Eye Films are ready to go as they join forces to produce a movie version of Nick’s Britpop-era set novel, SHE’S ELECTRIC.

Originally published in 2012, SHE’S ELECTRIC tells the story of four Lads and their quest for “The One” against a backdrop of girls, goals and “go on my son” in Britpop-era Britain.

With a sharp and witty script by Eye Films’ director Jon Rosling, the company believe SHE’S ELECTRIC has immense break-out potential to entertain audiences around the world and could offer a significant return for investors.

Director Jon Rosling said “SHE’S ELECTRIC is going to appeal to those old enough to know the difference between the Stones Roses and the Seahorses and remember Oasis at Glastonbury; as well as a younger generation just uncovering the musical legacy of the Britpop era.”

The film’s website provides information on the project, including an opportunity for supporters to pledge their names to a list of like-minded fans who want to see the film made. There’s also an opportunity for supporters to donate to the film’s development fund.

You can find out more about this ambitious film and support them here: