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British bird egg replicas hand-made from chocolate for Easter

23 Mar British bird egg replicas hand-made from chocolate for Easter

Gourmet Chocolate Artist Sarah Hardy, who runs her on-line shop, the Edible Museum, has launched her new Chocolate Birds Eggs this week.


Just in time for Easter & only available to pre-order.


After researching at the Angela Marmot Centre in The Natural History Museum, London she has faithfully reproduced native British bird eggs in chocolate. They are, of course, all hand painted and would fool the birds themselves.

Who is Sarah Hardy and why is her Edible Museum making waves in the archaeology, pathology, and naturalist communities?

Classically trained artist Sarah Hardy, launched The Edible Museum, after making wax-work figures for the museum sector.

The idea for the award-winning business grew from a request to make a white chocolate spine and torso for Mick Jagger which led to other ghoulish body parts.

Sarah’s food art is not for the squeamish. Its ghoulish charms have been attracting both universities and museums on the world stage. Hamleys, archaeologists, naturalists, celebrities have commissioned this show-stopping chocolate.

Customers can buy online from this jaw-dropping range of hand-painted chocolates. Who do you want to surprise this Easter? How about a T. Rex tooth for a Jurassic World fan? An internal organ for a med student? Or the endangered Natterjack Toad, a seasonal gift which will also donate to the Wildlife Trust?

Founder Hardy sums up her business: “I make jaw dropping chocolate sculptures: imagine having access to the private collections of a natural history museum. Now think they are all made of chocolate”