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Brexit Minister Joins Jackie Doyle-Price On Campaign

12 May Brexit Minister Joins Jackie Doyle-Price On Campaign

Secretary of State David Davis joined Thurrock Conservative candidate Jackie Doyle-Price on a walkabout in Aveley High Street.

Mr Davis, who is responsible for delivering Brexit and leading Britain out of the European Union was enthusiastic in backing Jackie’s campaign to be elected for a third time.

Mr Davis said that as the people of Thurrock voted overwhelmingly for Brexit they have no choice but to vote for Jackie, “I need the support of MPs like Jackie as I deliver Brexit.”

Jackie said, “The reception in Aveley was incredibly warm. People were very keen to wish David luck with his job in leading us out of the European Union. This is the most significant decision we have taken over the last fifty years.

“But with Theresa at the helm and David at the coal face we have a team that will deliver the best for Britain. It is clear from my conversations at the doorsteps that people do understand why Theresa May has to have this election. If we are to deliver Brexit on our terms Theresa May must have a good majority of Conservative MPs sitting behind her to help deliver. To deliver a successful Brexit and a bold future for Britain the only vote is Conservative”