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Brad O’Neill: ‘Wherever, Whenever The Voice Uk has found the new Shakira in Week Four’

29 Jan Brad O’Neill: ‘Wherever, Whenever The Voice Uk has found the new Shakira in Week Four’

Last week The Voice Uk finally demonstrated that moving from the BBC was a good idea, let’s hope they keep me hooked again. I’m going to bang on and say if they don’t feature Emma in this episode more then I will be gutted. Emma Willis brings a warm, family feel to the show but is being denied a spot on the show by the editing. This leaves it having a cold, plastic feel (just like one of the red chairs).

Jack the teaching assistant, who is mistaken for a woman most days sang a slow song with a soulful voice. Jennifer Hudson was the only coach to turn and she is the right choice for Jack. As show openers go it was a strong start for episode 4. I would however be very embarrassed if WILL.I.AM exposed my love life to the nation, but hey each to their own.

Ryan James the business consultant who wants to quit his job (cough LAZY cough). Singing heard it through the grape vine, he managed to show a nice voice that is very forgettable, then he changed to superstition. Who can do Stevie Wonder better than Stevie Wonder (maybe Adele) certainly not Ryan, he has everything, but he’s missing that one star quality.

Hadley Ford the teacher who’s dream coach is Wil… GAVIN? Finally we have someone who knows who Mr Rossdale is. Again he has a soft voice that is I would describe as vanilla at an ice cream parlour, however Gavin turned around for him which has made his dreams come true.

Liza the tribute artist who I have very low expectations for is our next hopeful, she’s Welsh so I’m guessing she knows Tom personally. With a powerful voice that deserves a turn, and a turn is what she got. Jennifer Hudson welcomed Liza onto her team with them being very well suited to one another.

Jon sang the most boring version of James Blunt Your Beautiful. I don’t even want to pass judgement on it. How did he slip onto the show. Bye Bye Jon.

Clara from Brighton has the look but does she have The Voice. Clara is from the south of Spain so I’m hoping she is a new Shakira. Singing ‘Latch’ by Disclosure, she is modern edgy and also sings in Spanish. I would have turned if I were a coach. With all four coaches turning for Clara in the last second she chose to go with Will.

Clara Is my personal favourite at this point in the competition and I’m hoping she wins this THANGGG.
Ryhann Thomas, the man who makes car doors has my support as I can hear a slight Birmingham accent.

He reminds me of Craig David a little, which isn’t a bad thing. There is nothing original about him which left him with one coach turn from Tom.

Chantelle with all the confidence stood and sang Don’t Let Go which was powerful, but for me I always think of Little Mix when this song comes on and she was nothing in comparison. Getting no turns Chantelle got a little bitter when she came off stage. It leads me to tell her why don’t you hold a puppy and not a grudge.

Tanya Lacy is the final act and her resume says everything, having wrote T.H.E for WILL.I.AM she has some big expectations to live up to. Her voice was great, but the song choice was a classic diva track that lost me half way through. She failed to get Will turning but managed to score Gavin and Tom. After an awkward reunion with Will, Tanya opted to go for Gavin.

Final Thoughts on this episode are positive again with the show growing into itself every week, demonstrating that ITV are doing something right. Leaving me to ask the BBC who? Catch me next week for the low down on week 5.

As always thank you for reading.

Brad O’Neill