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Brad O’Neill: ‘Episode three of The Voice Uk didn’t disappoint.’

21 Jan Brad O’Neill: ‘Episode three of The Voice Uk didn’t disappoint.’

‘They say three is a magic number, and episode three of The Voice Uk didn’t disappoint.’

The Voice UK returned to our screens for a third week, with the opening montage making tonight’s acts very promising. One note I would give the show is the lack of Emma Willis on my screen. The woman is a GODDESS!

April Sullivan the Barbra Streisand wannabe is our first act who is hoping to ‘Let It Go’ (Disney cruise ship reference) on stage. Her song choice is a bold one with ‘Don’t Rain On Parade’ and boy was it shouty. She failed to get a coach and had to walk off stage, however she never lost her smile and I wish her well in her career.

Millicent is hoping she can succeed where April failed. Honestly based on first impressions she doesn’t have the look to be a pop star but I generally like her voice. It’s not the biggest in the world however it’s very easy to listen to. Gavin turned at the last moment with something telling me they are perfect for each other.

The next act David, revealed he is partial to a Wonga loan or two. ‘All I Want’ by Kodaline is an original song choice, however his voice lacks for me although very talented made an emotional song, emotionless. With three of four coaches turning (Obviously Will thought the same as myself) he chose the second best coach on the panel, Jennifer Hudson.
The French Islander who sang classical music would be better for Eurovision than The Voice.

Moving on Craig is the next act hoping to get our coaches spinning around and boy did he get them turning in the last second. Although I don’t like his voice, he will do well in the competition. Craig is normally what does well in previous seasons, so let’s see how far his journey goes with the revamped version. Craig chose to go with Tom Jones over WILL.I.AM and all I can ask is WHY!!

Geno the ladies man uses music as his escape, but he can’t escape from his daughter Hayley the housekeeper. Father and Daughter going head to head in the competition will be very interesting. Geno would be good at performing at a family wedding however that’s as far as he will go in the music industry. Awkward if his daughter gets through now. She did it, giving a rendition of Paloma Faiths ‘Upside-down’ scoring one turn from WILL.I.AM (leaving her dad raging inside).

Jasmin the Olympic long jumper has a great look and backstory, here’s hoping she doesn’t flop like she did in Rio. With Alessia Cara ‘Here’ her song is edgy and modern, again her voice is very easy to listen to and suited the song perfectly. Will was the only coach to turn, with him securing another talented artist.

Sarah is our last contestants for this week and sang Ella Henderson’s original ‘Missed’ (First performed on X Factor, awks) and as a big fan of Ella, she got swallowed by the song. Furthermore Sarah scored Tom and Gavin, which is unsurprising as they have such different taste to myself. The Voice are now learning from X Factor in sob stories, pulling up the fact she is in foster care.

My final thoughts on episode three are very positive, in my other reviews I have found the show unbearable, whereas tonight’s entertained me quite a lot. It’s still not filling the void The X Factor left but if it continues to entertain me like this I will be back for more. There is a long way to go for The Voice and we will find out next week if they continue to impress me or fall like Madonna did at the Brits. Join me next week for my review on week four, Thanks again for reading.

Brad O’Neill