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#Basildon: Thalian Theatre Group support hospital’s anti-violence campaign

08 Nov #Basildon: Thalian Theatre Group support hospital’s anti-violence campaign

Members of a local theatre group donated their time and talent to help Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals create a campaign to reduce violence and aggression against staff.

Lucy Betteridge, James Chalkley, Miriam Chalkley, Sue Goullee, Paul Macklin and Katy Potter, actors from the Thalian Theatre Group, took on the roles of doctors, nurses and healthcare assistants to help the hospital communications team produce a series of posters to display in busy areas such as A&E, reminding patients to treat NHS staff with respect.

Danny Hariram, director of workforce, explained the reasons for the campaign. “Violence and aggression towards hospital employees was raised as a significant concern in last year’s staff survey.

“The vast majority of patients are polite and appreciative towards the staff who care for them, but it can be stressful being in hospital, especially when waiting times are long, and sometimes people take out their emotions on doctors and nurses. Our staff also care for many patients who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.”

Because abuse is a sensitive subject, the Trust did not want to ask members of staff to appear in posters, so they approached the Thalian Theatre Group to ask if any actors would be willing to take part.

Six members of the group, some of whom are already busy in their spare time rehearsing for an upcoming stage production of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, volunteered to take part in the photo shoot last Saturday.

Danny Hariram added: “We really appreciate the actors giving their time freely. They were all very professional and portrayed a range of emotions to help us produce some eye-catching posters.

“We expect staff to abide by our Trust values and treat patients with care and respect, and we hope the posters will deliver a polite message that we expect patients and visitors to behave in the same way towards the people who are treating them.

“Most people do this, but it should be noted that the Trust will take action when anyone behaves threateningly towards our staff.”

The Thalian Theatre Group, based in Basildon, was established 1972 and has performed over 130 plays. They stage two or three productions a year, mainly at the Towngate Theatre.

Oliver Twist is at the Towngate Theatre, Basildon, 10-12 November, 7.30pm box office 01268 465465