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Appeal for cat made homeless after a puppy moved in

12 May Appeal for cat made homeless after a puppy moved in

Charity volunteers are appealing on behalf of Tigger, a young cat who has been put up for rehoming after his owners adopted a new puppy.

Four-year-old Tigger has not had the best start to his young life. His previous owners said he didn’t get on with the family dog and then, when they decided to get another puppy, Tigger’s days in the home were numbered.

Soon after, he was handed over to volunteers at Cat’s Protection Anglia Coastal Branch, where routine vet checks revealed that Tigger has a health issue that will need to be monitored.

Pigment changes in the iris of one eye could be benign and no cause for concern, but it could also progress to being cancerous and the eye would need to be removed.

To avoid Tigger staying in foster care any longer than necessary, Cats Protection has agreed to support his new owner with vet fees if an operation is required after re-evaluation at three-six months.

Christine Cutts, branch coordinator, said: “Tigger is a little shy after his recent experience and can be wary of loud noises or cars, but he’s a sweet loving boy when he settles and he loves being made a fuss of. He would make an ideal companion cat in a loving new home. One without dogs though, definitely.”

Tigger would be best suited to a mature family home without young children or other pets, but ideally with a garden where he could relax and fresh air.

To enquire about adopting Tigger, contact or call 0345 3714202 (office hours).

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