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Anna Kennedy OBE weigh’s in on Chris Packham Documentary

18 Oct Anna Kennedy OBE weigh’s in on Chris Packham Documentary

by Anna Kennedy OBE

Everyone in the autism community is talking about the Chris Packham documentary!

I loved the rawness and honesty of BBC2’s Chris Packhams documentary. In my opinion it was really well put together and he reminds me of my eldest son Patrick.

The message coming across in the documentary was to ‘Give people with Asperger’s work‘. Since statistics show only 14% of individuals are employed. ‘Its not about what you cannot do, its about what you can do and its important to build on this .’

This has always been my motto too and build on their confidence.

It was good to see Steve Silberman whom I was interviewed with on BBC Breakfast a couple of years ago. He was chatting to Chris and their joint phrase which I totally agree is ‘Adapt to accommodate’

I was pleased to see Microsoft Silicone Valley in the US. It looks like they are leading the way reducing the stress of autistic people to showcase their skills. They spoke of a 5 day interview.In my opinion this is spot on.

I believe that Chris has been on our screens for almost 30 years from The Really Wild Show to Springwatch. Chris Packham has become a cult figure, he is notorious for slyly sneaking song and film titles into live broadcasts.

Well done Chris a great awareness documentary and hopefully paving the way for more acceptance.