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A candid sit down with Gigi Petite & Peltsman 

22 Mar A candid sit down with Gigi Petite & Peltsman 

by Dan Bryans

Since news of their relationship broke Gigi Petite and rapper Peltsman have melted hearts across the country, with just merely months into their relationship they spoke to me about how the journey is going and I learnt more about the secrets behind one of UK’s most adorable couples right now (yeah yeah step aside Kim K and Kanye, this is the next gen).

Addressing their highly complicated and busy schedules Gigi tells me “although we have busy schedules we found an awesome way to spend even more time with eachother as we’re literally inseparable we just love being together all the time.”

As her rapper beau added “We now go to eachothers events & jobs (studio sessions, modelling jobs, live video session, football etc) so we minimise the time we spend apart”

The couple who have been showered with so much support and have a whole army of supporters behind their young relationship are now also rumoured to be in talks for a new TV show surrounding couples, they are keeping details tight lipped but a source close to the couple says ‘Everyone thinks they will look good doing something on TV together’

Twitter user @RiaEllie tweeted “@itv2 heard your doing a new reality show for couples on a beach? So when I can watch @GigiPetite1 & @Peltsman on your screen? 😉#lovethem”

Whilst another user @FairyLucindaLu supported their rumoured TV expedition tweeting “@GigiPetite1 @Peltsman why wouldn’t you! Both cute as F and adorable together get on it!! Literally! 😘 👌🏻”

With everything moving so fast for the couple that has got the UK talking, they talk about the usual couple stuff telling me “Luckily enough we haven’t had to face pressures so far in our relationship. There are external forces that can try & interfere & mostly these forces come as jealous people. Fortunately when this occurs we choose to ignore it but all we’ve really received is a lot of love, support & compliments with our relationship. Comments online from people are so beautifully overwhelming.” 

The pair who got together ‘weeks’ before Valentine’s Day made the most of it with Gigi quirkingly telling me “On Valentine’s Day we had only been together for just over four weeks so we spent it in bed all day & all night….. 😏”

The couple now plan to keep empowering each other to grow both their careers.

Awwww ! These two ❤️❤️❤️