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3 CBD Myths That Need to Be Addressed

16 Mar 3 CBD Myths That Need to Be Addressed

CBD products like London pound cake seeds have been on the rise lately. Their explosive popularity can be attributed to its wide array of applications, and a healthy number of celebrity endorsements. The fact that the CBD industry is now worth millions also helps the substance gain public attention. There is a lot of very wealthy people invested in CBD now, and they have every reason to market the substance.

A lot of marketing these days takes the form of informative content. But is that content always factually correct? One quick Google search will let you find thousands of CBD claims that are repeated again and again, despite being patently false.

These myths not only erode public confidence, but some of them can also harm you or make it harder for you to enjoy CBD. Let’s take a look at some of the most common CBD myths, and examine what the truth actually is.

Myth #1 – CBD has no risks or side effects

Let’s start with a pretty big myth. Many sources claim that CBD has no side effects. That is a lie. One that many believe due to the flawed belief that if something is natural, it must be good for you, no matter what.

That’s not how life works. Yes, natural products are usually better for your health, but you must remember that snake venom is also quite natural. And while fruits contain a lot less sugar than your typical milkshake, you can still become diabetic if you eat nothing but sweet fruits alone.

When it comes to CBD you should Buy CBD Oil in the UK, there are two risks you need to be aware of. First, CBD does have potential side effects — it may cause dryness of the mouth, constipation, diarrhea, and drowsiness. Second, CBD can interact with many types of medication, which can lead to serious consequences if you are not careful. Do not mix CBD with prescription medications without consulting your doctor, or at least researching the topic very well.

The good news is that these risks are still minimal if compared to the pharmaceuticals that CBD can replace. But saying that the substance is risk-free is disingenuous.

Myth #2 – CBD is not psychoactive

This is more of a minor mistake. CBD is often promoted as not being psychoactive, usually as a way to distance the substance from THC. In reality, the term “psychoactive” refers to any substance that affects your mental status. And since CBD is a mood depressant with calming properties, it fits the bill. And so does alcohol, coffee, nicotine, and many other everyday substances. There’s nothing wrong with CBD being psychoactive.

What CBD does not cause, in any circumstance, is a feeling of intoxication. It may calm you down to the point where you feel drowsy, but CBD will never make you feel high or stoned.

Myth #3 – CBD is a miracle cure

At the time of writing, CBD isn’t known to cure any medical conditions. The substance can help alleviate the symptoms of some rare types of epilepsy, and its medicinal properties can bring relief to all sorts of conditions. But so far, no study has conclusively pointed towards CBD curing anything specific. Any blog articles claiming that CBD cures this or that disease should be taken with a grain of salt.

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