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Youth climate activists deliver a scathing attack on world leaders outside COP26

02 Nov Youth climate activists deliver a scathing attack on world leaders outside COP26

Following a 36 hour journey onboard the Rainbow Warrior from Liverpool [1], the ship arrived in Glasgow at 5.30pm this afternoon, delivering four Fridays for Future youth activists [2], from four countries across three continents, to the COP26 climate summit. The activists delivered impassioned speeches to the world’s media and other youth activists in front of the conference centre.

While the ship could not make it all the way to the conference centre itself due to concerns over low water levels from the captain, it made it much further than authorities had originally permitted, finally docking at King George’s Dock.

After meeting with fellow Fridays for Future climate activists after disembarking from the ship, the activists held a press conference, delivering impassioned speeches on the banks of the River Clyde, opposite the COP26 conference centre, demanding real action from world leaders at the climate summit.

The Rainbow Warrior provided passage to the four climate activists from Namibia, Uganda, Mexico and Bangladesh, as representatives of people from communities impacted by the climate crisis around the world.

Not only have marginalised communities been failed by the lack of climate action from governments and ignored by world leaders, but many have also been shut out from the climate negotiations because of Covid vaccine inequalities.

During their speech, Maria Reyes, 19 year old activist from Mexico, said:

“We’re tired, we’re sick of their empty speeches. There won’t be climate action without climate justice. If we allow them to have these conversations without us, the UN climate summit will be a rich peoples conversation and rich people are not the ones most affected by the climate crisis. We need to take a seat at the table.”

Jakapita Faith Kandanga from Namibia, said:

“These so-called “world leaders” have failed to act on the science. They have failed for decades to tackle the climate crisis. And they have failed to listen to people from the most affected areas that are now suffering from the consequences of their failure to act. Enough is enough.”

Edwin Namakanga from Uganda, said:

“We have sailed into Glasgow onboard the Rainbow Warrior to let these Presidents, Prime Ministers, policy makers and CEOs know that our voices will no longer remain unheard.”

Farzana Faruk Jhumu from Bangladesh, said:

“The climate crisis is a global crisis that requires global action. But it does not affect everyone equally. It’s a crisis of inequalities. In our home countries we are already experiencing the worst effects of the climate crisis.”