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Your Guide to Online Slots Tournaments

22 Dec Your Guide to Online Slots Tournaments

Cash prizes, free spins, thrilling contests, live updates and your favourite slot games – if you enjoy playing Slots, but want to add a competitive feel, then why not try an online slot tournament? All of the fun of the Slots with the chance to top the leaderboard and win even more prizes.

You will find that most online casinos, like Betfair casino online, have now added this exhilarating, live competition to their ranks of classic casino games. But what does it take to win and how do you enter? Let’s us guide you through the wonderful world of online Slots tournaments.

Starting your first competitive slot game couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is sign up to your chosen casino site and then enrol in any of the upcoming Slot tournaments – which can be held weekly or as often as every 20 minutes. So, check out the online tournament schedule to see which time suits you best. As the whole competition is based online, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home and with different start times of the varying tournaments, it means you can play whenever and wherever you like.

Just like every other casino game online, these slot tournaments are also ruled and regulated to make sure that they are completely safe, fair and fun for all entrants to compete in, with independent testing of transparency, randomisation and smooth gameplay.

The aim of a slot tournament is to play the chosen slot game for that round or competition, for a certain amount of time or predetermined number of spins, to accumulate the most pointsfrom winning pay-lines. Most tournaments take either 20 minutes or a completion of 250 spins, with a set amount of coins or credits given to you to achieve this. Every winning combination from each spin will see you climb up the leaderboard ladder, which is updated live, as you and the other entrants play the specified slot. If you finish in the top position by the end of your spins, then you could win a huge prize or bonuses for future games. And in some tournaments, extra prizes are given to the runners up in second and third place.

Each tournament can have different pay outs and some have bigger leaderboards than others, so do a little research into each one before you begin. And don’t forget to practice the regular version of the slot game before it features in a tournament, so that you can familiarise yourself with the style of the game, the theme of the symbols and what each one means, as well as the bonus features that are likely to appear.

The slot games and their outcomes are still completely random, just like their standard counterpart, so it means that anybody who enters could win! And just like regular Slots, there’s not much strategy involved, magic formula to win or influence you can have over the game you’re playing, which means it’s one of the easiest casino competitions you can take part in. The only thing you can do is make sure you’ve entered the tournament on time, have practiced playing Slots beforehand, and most have all, have fun with it!