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Young entrepreneur helps people access £1 masks with OnePoundMask

23 Jun Young entrepreneur helps people access £1 masks with OnePoundMask

As the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau reveals fraud linked to coronavirus PPE is on the increase, entrepreneur Laurence Nair-Price launches OnePoundMask, a start-up designed to make face masks affordable.

Since the start of the pandemic, victims have lost over £4.3mln to fraudulent sellers of PPE, with one victim reporting they had lost over £15,000 on face masks that were never delivered. Meanwhile other suppliers are adding huge, unjustified mark-ups making protection unaffordable for many. Having heard these stories, CEO Nair-Price, who founded successful hotel furnishing company and digital advertising screens supplier Able Services, decided to do something about it.

Nair-Price, who normally works with some of the biggest hotels in London such as Marriott, Hilton Hotels and Resorts and Best Western, already had an employee on the ground in China, which meant he was able to source more affordable masks. He currently has 36,000 in stock (with further 20,000 on the way) and plans to sell the masks as close to cost price as possible for just £1.

“Coronavirus hit the hospitality industry hard, but although it’s frustrating not being able to run my business, hearing about scammers and those trying to make huge profits off the back of what is a global crisis compelled me to get involved,” said Laurence Nair-Price. “I saw a situation where I could use my network to meet the demand for face masks and offer a consistent supply at a stable price. Making sure that whoever wants to purchase one, can do so and at an affordable price.”