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Xfactor winner Leona Lewis visits Haven House

13 Feb Xfactor winner Leona Lewis visits Haven House

Singer and songwriter Leona Lewis took time out of her busy schedule for a surprise visit to Haven House Children’s Hospice on Monday 12 February.

The Islington born star travelled to Haven House’s Holistic Care Centre in Woodford Green for a song-writing workshop with five young people from its Teenage Cancer Group.

The group is an opportunity for young people with cancer to have fun, make friends and receive support. As part of a music project, the teenagers are creating their own song which is based on their experiences.

Jessica Wilson, 18, from Chingford, said: “It was an amazing experience to spend time with Leona and we are really grateful she came to visit Haven House. When she spoke about the importance of taking time out to reflect on things, like in song-writing, but also in life, I found that useful.”