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Is Winston McKenzie on the road to being a new man in 2017 ?

03 Mar Is Winston McKenzie on the road to being a new man in 2017 ?

Meet Winston McKenzie the charity advocate and Jazz musician….

Political candidate McKenzie has taken time out of his customary political duties to support a local charity A2ndVoice, this coming weeks after news broke of his debut single.

A2ndvoice are a small self-help group based in South West London, the group identifies their key focus as increasing awareness surrounding autism in the BAME community, doing so through more cultural, educational and social activities is seen as a way to create a better community and a better place for their Autistic love ones.

McKenzie who most recently ran for Mayor of London as English Democrats candidate is seen as an advocate and key supporter for the charity, A2ndVoice’s founder Vanessa Bobb said “I do appreciate all the support and awareness Winston has shown towards the work we are trying to do”.

The candidate grew close to the autism charity after his own son was diagnosed “I thought I knew it all but when my 14year son was diagnosed with high functioning Aspergers Syndrome I then realised you will never understand how much support is needed”

Notably this year he recently recorded and released a cover to Rod Stewart’s “I Don’t Want To Talk About IT” under the Gotham Records flag which is reported to be flying high in the Japanese charts and McKenzie told us the reasons behind his newly found career saying “the fact that people within our communities wants to talk about Autism, that promoted me to release the tune”