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What will Hares About Town achieve in Southend?

27 Jun What will Hares About Town achieve in Southend?

Up and down the country, cities and towns have been magically transformed by the installation of Wild in Art’s spectacular mass-participation public art trails.

They have a proven track record in:
• Boosting economic growth
• Re-invigorating local tourist attractions
• Instilling civic pride in local residents
• Attracting new visitors to regenerated areas
• Increasing the health and wellbeing of the local population through increased activity
• Encouraging families to spend more time together
• Raising vital funds to help Havens Hospices take ‘the next step’

Why a Hare?

These mysterious creatures have been fascinating people for centuries. March Hares herald the arrival of Spring on 21st March, marking the rebirth of the natural world after its long Winter sleep. They are a poignant symbol of the continuation of life, positivity and regeneration; it feels apt as a symbol both for Havens Hospices and for the town itself as we enter a new era of growth and regeneration; a burgeoning of new life and optimism!

Once thriving in the rural flatlands these beautiful creatures are now under threat, joining the ranks of some of our most endangered species.

The trail is only made possible with the support of philanthropic local businesses who admire and support the many positive aspects of our town as well as a desire to raise awareness of the plight of our wildlife and to generate vital funding for Havens Hospices.