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What did you do in Lockdown? Essex PR Consultant Andrea Ince wrote a book about being Happy Inside Out!

21 Mar What did you do in Lockdown? Essex PR Consultant Andrea Ince wrote a book about being Happy Inside Out!

What did you do in lockdown is a question that all of us ask or are asked and for many it was an opportunity to do something a little different. Essex PR and Marketing Consultant Andrea Ince has done something totally different to her day job and her first book is being published on Thursday 17 March 2022 called Happy Inside Out.

Anyone can appear happy on the outside but being Happy Inside Out, can literally change your life! Happy Inside Out is about that warm feeling inside, deep down in your belly like an inner glow. Often, we are so busy making sure everyone else is happy, that we forget about our own internal happiness. We appear happy on the outside, but we forget to think about our inner self and what we truly need to be happy inside.

By looking at all areas of your life: you, family, friends, work, thoughts, dreams and even unhappiness, you can work on them together to create a feeling of true happiness inside and out. Happiness is different things to different people, as we are all unique, and is also about being true to yourself, helping you to work ‘you’ out. When you start to think about all of this, you can start to understand and train yourself to do and say things that make you Happy Inside Out!

What started off as a fun pop-up group on Facebook at the very start of the first lockdown, with one of the world’s leading personal development coaches Michael Heppell, to gain new knowledge and top tips of how to market a book, lead to Andrea signing up to Michael’s Write That Book Masterclass Training and the rest as they say is history……. The book includes some of Andrea’s favourite motivational quotes and details of her ‘INCEspiration’ method which Andrea has created to help you think about what makes you truly happy.

Andrea said,
“Seeing people grow and succeed that you have helped is a great feeling. I am always promoting something for somebody else but wanted to do something for me.”

“I am a strong believer in being yourself and not what you think you should be like or what others may think you should be. Through my own personal development journey, I finally feel that I am Happy Inside Out and if this book helps one person learn to have that same feeling, then that makes me Happy Inside Out too!”

“The book also leaves a legacy for my family and friends that can be adapted for the future. What did you do in the lockdowns of 2020/21 people will ask in the future, and I will be proud to say I wrote a book!”

Happy Inside Out is available in hardback and paperback from or from Amazon.