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What are the most popular slot themes?

16 Jun What are the most popular slot themes?

Slots have dominated the gambling scene for quite some time, even in their most primitive form. Originally found in bars and saloons, there were no cash prizes to be found and not a lot of games to choose from. Fast forward to the present day and your options are endless – with huge online catalogues of games and themes to choose from.

The themes are what we’re focussing on and, more importantly, what they have to offer. Read on to find out more.


One of the most popular themes is undoubtedly a blast from the past, bringing everything we know and love about those very first video Slots into the modern day. Before the advancement of electromechanical Slots, the metal drums would be filled with standard playing cards, where triggering a win would only be possible if players managed to line up winning Poker hands. Although this isn’t quite the case when we play video Slots online today, we still come across playing card symbols as the lower paying symbols in most slot games, retro or otherwise.

Retro style slot games will likely include BAR icons and numerous variations of the lucky 7 symbol. What’s more, you’ll also find that the reels are stuffed with a delicious selection of fruity favourites, another iconic slot theme that we will touch on next.

These retro themes are such a staple in the history of Slots that you’ll find entire games that are based on those iconic 7 symbols, such as 7s to Burn and Big Win 777.


As the original slot machines began to move away from just using playing cards as symbols, the reels began to be filled with many vibrant fruity icons, such as lemons, watermelons and cherries. The latter was first found in the 1902 Operator Bell, which was manufactured by a Chicago-based developer called Herbert Mills. As well as cherries, players would also find melons, oranges and apple icons spinning across the reels. At this time, cash prizes weren’t permitted so, depending on which combination of fruit you roll in, you’d receive a stick of gum that correlates with that flavour.

This fruity theme is still massive in the world of online Slots, and we’re sure you’ve played a game or two without knowing the symbols’ rich history. If you want to get a piece of the action with this sweet theme, then games like All Ways Hot Fruits and Wild Fruit: Super Wheel are the perfect choice for you.


We all love a tall tale, or a story rooted in some kind of mythical belief, so it should come as no shock that mythological-themed Slots are quite a hit on the online scene. In particular, players flock towards games that are centred around Greek mythology, offering out the chance to spin with the likes of the mighty Zeus, the strength of Thor and multiple Medusa-ruled reels. These Greek gods and goddesses are more than happy to take you on whirlwind adventures, with the chance to win big. There are now endless mythological franchises and series on offer, wherever you choose to play, such as Rise of Athena and Gates of Olympus.

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

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