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Waltham Forest’s First Community Fridge launches in Leytonstone

17 Sep Waltham Forest’s First Community Fridge launches in Leytonstone

On Monday 17th September Transition Leytonstone are proudly launching London’s fifth Community Fridge and the first of its kind in Waltham Forest. The fridge is being launched with the backing of North London Waste Authority and Bosch in a growing effort to tackle food waste. Support also comes from environmental charity Hubbub which runs the national Community Fridge Network.

The fridge, located at Café de Montmartre, 34 Church Lane, Leytonstone, E11 1HG will be open 12pm-3pm Monday to Friday to enable residents and businesses to share surplus food and for anyone to help themselves to quality food that would otherwise be wasted. Transition Leytonstone is inviting all food businesses in the area to donate surplus food from 17th September onwards and for volunteers to get in touch with immediate effect.

Householders can also donate unopened, packaged foods within their use by date or raw fruit or vegetables, which helps to alleviate the £½ billion worth of perfectly edible food gets thrown away in the UK when people head off on holiday. Residents using the fridge can share recipes and tips for making the most of their food.

Unlike many of the capital’s Community Fridges which exist inside community centres, the Leytonstone Community Fridge which comprises of two fridges and one freezer donated by Bosch can be found in a funky shelter designed by local spatial designers, Made With Volume.

It is the third London Fridge to be supported by North London Waste Authority to encourage residents to share their surplus food.  A full list of fridges can be found here: