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Visit Essex Top Tips on how to be a responsible visitor

19 Jul Visit Essex Top Tips on how to be a responsible visitor

The economy is opening-up and we’re finally able to meet-up with friends and family, dine out in pubs and restaurants and enjoy a well-earned holiday. The county’s tourism organisation, Visit Essex, is keen to encourage the people of Essex to be responsible visitors, to ensure everyone has the best summer.

Cllr Mark Durham, Chair, Visit Essex explains: “The hospitality industry has been very badly affected by the pandemic and it’s vital we support our pubs, restaurants, hotels and attractions. We all know it makes sense to support local businesses, but we’re not just asking people to buy local, we’re also asking them to be considerate when they’re out and about. We need people to book ahead so businesses can prepare for the numbers coming through the doors. We would also like to remind people not to cancel at short notice, many businesses are still getting back on their feet and a last-minute cancellation can really impact on a small business.”

He added: “Let’s be mindful and pull together, if we all plan our short breaks and days out in advance, we’ll ensure we all have a great summer.”

Visit Essex’s top tips on how to be a responsible visitor:

  • Plan your summer! Book in advance and give yourself a chance to look forward to special treat! By making a reservation for a special meal out, weekend away, or visit to an attraction, life becomes much more fun with something to look forward to. Remember that if your travel arrangements change, please cancel bookings as soon as possible.
  • Be mindful. The hospitality industry is facing a number of challenges at the moment, from staff shortages to food supplies, but are working really hard to ensure they deliver service with a smile. So, please be understanding if a dish is off the menu or service is slightly slower than normal.
  • Support businesses that are ‘Good to go’. Lots of businesses in the hospitality sector have signed-up to the ‘Good to go’ scheme, which demonstrates they have thorough systems in place to keep their premises as Covid-19 secure as possible. Many organisations are sharing their ‘Good to go’ logo on their website and shopfronts, so look out for the logo.
  • We’re still in a pandemic; when travelling on public transport, or sharing a car with a friend, please wear a mask and don’t forget to use the hand sanitiser stations in town centres, shops, restaurants and hotels across the county. Please help to keep pressure off the NHS by treating minor ailments at the pharmacy and call 111 if you feel unwell or need clinical advice.
  • Be beach safe! Essex is blessed with 350-miles of coastline and kids love a day by the sea. So, please remember to ensure you never get cut off the tide by checking tide times and keep safe from the waves. Learn how to spot a rip current and if you find yourself caught in one, swim parallel to the beach. If you’re taking part in water sports keep a way of calling for help attached to you. When walking near cliffs, stay away from the edge and keep your dog on a lead. In an emergency call 999 and call for the coastguard.
  • Abide by the countryside code of protect, respect and enjoy. Protect our beautiful landscapes, beaches, rivers and country parks by keeping to footpaths and taking your litter home with you.