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Valentine’s Bingo! What You Can Expect To See On Sunday

15 Feb Valentine’s Bingo! What You Can Expect To See On Sunday

Valentine’s Day can be one of two things. The first is incredibly romantic and a truly memorable or life changing day. The second is the same day it is every year, boring, tired and full of cliches.

No matter what camp you fall into though, there are certain things we expect to see every year, love them or hate them. From a TV schedule full of rom coms to candlelit dinners and those gross, over-enthusiastic public displays of affection. Thankfully, there will be much less of that this year.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and all the things that come with it, Moon Bingo have launched a very special bingo card for couples and single folk to mark off throughout the day and make it that bit more enjoyable, or at the very least bearable. It’s a great chance to involve friends and family, and what’s more it may even be worth putting a prize up for grabs.

But what makes the card, and what are the things we can all expect to be seeing this Valentine’s Day?

Flower Deliveries

We’ve all become a little more accustomed to online shopping these days and this year the florists up and down the country will be working especially hard. Flowers are one of the most common gifts for Valentine’s Day, and we beg to think of the mileage those poor souls will be putting in dropping off roses across the weekend. Look out of the window and you’ll see one, and that’s one square marked off your bingo card.


We could see more engagements than ever before this year as couples look to celebrate enduring an entire year of lockdown together. Get through this and you can get through anything, so why not put a ring on it, as Beyonce would say.

Of course, who knows when you’ll actually be able to get married, but that’s a different story.

Last Minute Gifts

If your loved one is “going for milk” on Sunday morning, we’re not buying it. February 14th has a habit of creeping up on people and while the supermarkets are open there’s still an opportunity to pick up that last minute gift, whether it be a box of chocolates, some flowers or some supermarket brand underwear. How romantic.

Wall-to-Wall Rom Coms