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UK’s first all-electric airport shuttle launches at Stansted Airport

01 Feb UK’s first all-electric airport shuttle launches at Stansted Airport

Driven, the UK’s first all-electric airport shuttle, begins journeys from today. Its vision is to take cars to airports off the road, replacing them with zero emission shuttles.

New analysis of Civil Aviation Authority data by Driven, has identified over 139 million passengers per year travel by private car, taxi, minicab or Uber to the UK’s 11 major airports. This represents 72% of total journeys to airports including Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester. The vast majority of these are not in zero emission cars, causing harmful impact to local environments.

Based on this passenger number and an average scenario of two people sharing a 20 mile airport journey in a latest Mercedes Benz E Class diesel saloon car, over 272,000 tonnes of tailpipe CO2 is emitted annually. This is the same as approximately half a billion bathtubs of CO2 each year.

For a sustainable future, more eco-friendly transportation is required, combining zero emission vehicles as well as ride sharing.

Driven, which takes its first passengers from today, operates a fleet of 7-seat Tesla Model X SUVs for increased environmental efficiency. It offers a door-to-door service, either with exclusive use of the car, or Driven’s new booking technology can match your journey with other passengers who live or work near you, flying at a similar time to you. This ride sharing reduces the cost for the public to travel in a state-of-the-art luxury electric car, making zero emission road travel a possibility for many for the first time.

Advance booking, for example at the same time you book your flight, means it can cost from just £9 per person for a 40 minute trip. Customers book their time and day and Driven collects them at their location in a silent, luxury, zero-emission vehicle.