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Could UKIP’s Paul Nuttall Be On His Way Out ?

16 Feb Could UKIP’s Paul Nuttall Be On His Way Out ?

By Simon Phetter

With recent reports of a greatly falsified CV, a clear lack of commitment to voters and the increasing controversy surrounding UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall ahead of his Stoke by-election candidacy it would seem Mr Nuttall’s days might be numbered as even the Mayor of Liverpool has called on the MEP to resign over Hillsborough claims.

The UKIP leader has admitted his claim to have lost a “close personal friend” at Hillsborough was not true. However, appearing on Radio City Talk earlier in the week, Nuttall admitted it was false when presented with a copy of his quote.

HANG ON, how is an elected leader of one of our countries leading political party managing to tell an outright lie and stay where he is ?! Am I the only one who is seeing the problem here, the whole UKIP party seems to be running a shambles of an operation which saw one leader fail to see in her three months anniversary before quitting.

I pulled in Braintree Conservative Councillor and Essex County Council Member Stephen Canning for his take on the issue as he has been assisting the conservative candidate in Stoke campaign.

Mr Canning commented on the matter saying:

“Last year as the public opted to vote leave from the European Union, and across the Atlantic where they plucked for Donald Trump – one core message appears true: they’re tired of not being told the truth.

These latest revelations will likely cause significant damage to UKIP, and perhaps further damage to people’s perception of politicians as a whole.

It’s likely of course that many of those who may have chosen to support Paul, may well not be put off by these revelations – and the affect of this may actually be felt further around the country.

Most strikingly, it still shows how far UKIP has to go until it can operate as a professional party.”

Mr Nuttall has continued to insist he was there during the Hillsborough disaster and that he is in fact a survivor, but said that a claim on his website that he had lost “close personal friends” in the disaster was untrue.

Ok lets move on from the alpha lie, and lets feast our eyes on the beta version.

Mr Nuttall’s now defunct website made several references of him being a “professional footballer” for Tranmere Rovers, the club close to his childhood home in Bootle, Merseyside. The club confirmed this was “definitely not” the case. Now my question again is this – why would anyone in their right mind vote for this man ?! I understand his party’s ethos and campaign strategies but you cannot trust a single word that comes from his mouth.

To the people of Stoke, think hard and fast about a man who would use a tragedy to further his agenda and lie through his teeth to feed people with lies.